Marvs Meat Menu

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Cube Steak

Rib Eye Steaks

Beef Neck Bone

Sirloin Steak

Chuck Eye Steaks

Bone-In Chuck Roast

Ground Beef

Short Ribs

Stewed Beef

Fajita Steak


Boneless Chuck Roast

Ox Tails

Beef Bone

very meaty beef bone great for soup

Smoked Meats

Smoked Neck Bones

Smoked Pig Tail


slab bacon with

Hog Jowl

Ham Ends

smoked picnic shoulder cut  in steak good for breakfast and small great for beans  

Salted Pork

Smoked Ham Hocks

Smoked Turkey Parts

Drumsticks, Wings, Necks & Tails

Rib Bacon

bacon with bone

Cured Ham

country cured  ham (sugar cured)

Bacon Ends


Chicken Wings

Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken Gizzards

Turkey Wings

Cut Chicken Wings

Chicken Drumstick

Chicken Breast

Turkey Neck


a great line of smoked pork and beef sausage

Sunset Farms Georgia Sausage

Uncle Johns Pride

local Tampa made sausage 

Rogerwood Pork Box

Snowdens Malena Brand

aka Alabama Sausage

Garcia Beef Box

available in HOT or MILD 

Rogerwood Beef Box

Specialty Meats

Skin-On Goat

Skinless Goat

Lamb Leg/Shoulder



Frog Legs

Gator Fillets

Conch Meat